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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

12 Year Anniversary
Posted by Darcstar@ 7:39 PM EST

Guardians of Valor has been a guild for 12 years this Month, through thin and thick, good times and bad. Cheers to those that were, are, and are yet to be. We're still here, grinding away, defending the homeland, and keeping the tradition alive. A lot has changed in the game, feel free to drop me a line, post on the forums, or start your old account up with a free 14 day period.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Congratulations Somi on Realm Rank 10!
Posted by Profit@ 11:28 PM EDT

Congratulations are in order for Ultimos as last night he achieved Realm Rank 10 on his bard, Somi! This is his second character to reach this feat as his hero reached Realm Rank 10 last year. He claims to be "done" with his bard now, but we all know that he will switch to it in a heartbeat if we're stuck with a crappy bard at the helm.

On another note, our guild members have been RvRing like crazy over the last couple weeks, and Guardians of Valor is currently the #1 guild for realm points last week with over 5 million! Keep it up!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Guild News.
Posted by Darcstar@ 2:43 PM EDT

Guardians of Valor continues...we have returning and new members that are continuing to carry on the guild tradition of playing and having fun. If you want to catch up, post on our forums. New users will have to submit or message me for permission...spam bots made me lock down the forums pretty tight.

In other news, Eire has made over 11 million realm points on her druid Eireconrok. Way to go! GoV continues to stay in the top 25 guilds in realm points earned both weekly and cumulative. Also the guild stat XML is updating again after a 2 month hiatus. If you click the right link 'Guild Stats' you will see the weekly top 30 as well as career top 30. Enjoy and see you in game!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rheanae, guild founder, hits 50 FINALLY!
Posted by Pharaoh@ 2:34 PM EDT

Congratulations today to Rheanae, one of the Guardians of Valor guild founders, who FINALLY hit 50! She started the game the first month it was out. She helped us kill all sorts of mobs the slow, way back in time-way when we had to kill one mob as a group at a time or we'd all die a painful death (and subsequently complain and moan at whomever we decided was to blame.) She took a bit of a break but when she heard all the sexy people were playing on the new combined server cluster she had to come back to reach 50 on her first character, Rheanae. She and her husband are also leveling up alts (Tahti and DeadNotSleeping respectively.) We look forward to RvRing with them soon

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Server Move!
Posted by Darcstar@ 8:22 AM EDT

Guardians of Valor has made the move, as has the rest of DAOC players, to the new combined YWAIN cluster. We put the guild house on YWAIN3 in the Rossmore community, as did many other players, and are settling in to the new combined Classic/TOA community. It's been a bit zergy and the lag on the servers during prime time is at points unbearable but the 3500-4000 player population has made things interesting to say the least.

With the new server move, the Herald XML has been updated which in turn updated all of the GoV characters in the database. With this update I have updated the stats on the main page to your left as well as provided a link to the stats page. Enjoy!~

Monday, August 31, 2009

Welcome Back!
Posted by Ultimos@ 8:56 PM EDT

Over the past several months the Guardians of Valor have welcomed back many members. This weekend there was no let down in the mass reunion as GoV welcomed back its two most fearless leaders, Pharaoh and Profit! Now that the guilds trio of leaders have once again reunited we can be assured that GoV will once again regain it's position as the most elite PvE guild in all of DAOC! Galladoria, PoC, and Sheeroe Hills will soon belong to the Guardians of Valor.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ultimos @ RR10!
Posted by Darcstar@ 2:30 PM EDT

Please congratulate Ultimos on obtaining Realm Rank 10 this Sunday! Just a few points shy of 6 million realm points. WOOHOO! Now it is time to get his bard Somi up to RR10...

Also, the XML engine has been reset, restarted, whatever, so stats and the members page are working again.

Friday, August 21, 2009

More stats!
Posted by Darcstar@ 10:10 AM EDT

In addition to the changes that were made yesterday I have added a realm point and realm rank total on the bottom of all member pages.

So all of this is driven off of the XML feed from Camelot which funny enough we are the hundred and twenty third guild on Tristan or 123. The bad news is sometimes the herald stops updating parts of their stats like guild stats which is why the members stats have not been updating. If you pull up our guild web stats off the herald they haven't been updated since Wednesday the 19th. You can check it out on the right or follow this link: http://guilds.camelotherald.com/guilds/guild.php?s=Tristan&g=123

Profit by the way seems to have the all time count for total realm points across all characters with many of them showing up in the top 30 all time realm point earners. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Top 10 RP's.
Posted by Darcstar@ 5:06 PM EDT

Added a little web applet on the right side of the web page that shows the Top 10 guild Realm Point earners over the last 7 days as compiled by the Camelot Herald via the XML import that happens hourly. Will probably add a Top 10 total RP's for active accounts and a Top 25 Total RP's of all time for those retired though will probably put that on the members page or a dedicated stats page and not the main page. Here's the prototype: Click Here

Also fixed an issue where older characters viewed through searched had their Character Status incorrectly set to something more recent when the character is deactivate and/or really old.

Monday, August 10, 2009

300 Million Realm Points!
Posted by Ultimos@ 6:47 AM EDT

The Guardians of Valor have recently reached another amazing milestone and become one of a handful of guilds to reach the 300 million RP mark. For a guild to have the staying power to accomplish this goal is very rare and says something about the players and leadership this guild has and always has had. Even with the small layover we had GoV remains in the top 10 for hib guilds on the most populous cluster. We also maintain the #2 spot for hib Tristan guilds. Congratulations to all the old timers who set the standard and to all the present players who continue to carry the torch. Lets keep it up and work toward that next 100 Million Rps.

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